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The Creator’s Symphony:

African Christianity, the Plight of Earth and the Poor

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ISBN:                       978-1-920620-103
Price:                       SAR 90.00
F                                  Format:                   210 x 148mm; 166pp
Interest:                   Theology/Ecology
Rights:                     World
Publication Date:    2015


 Kapya J. Kaoma





Much is being made of African Christianity’s explosive growth but the phenomenon will be short lived if the continent does not address the mounting life-threatening ecological crisis. Fortunately, as this book argues, African Christianity can help arrest and ameliorate effects of the ecological crises on the continent and the poor. While acknowledging that African theological innovation has been stunted by the historically subservient nature of African Christianity to Western Christianity, the book envisions an authentic and unapologetically African Theology drawing on multiple African strengths. After exploring ecological connotations of African traditional religions; Christology centered on Christ as the ecological ancestor; and addressing manifestations of deities and spirits in natural phenomena; the book proposes a paradigm shift in theological education and Christian formation that can help resolve the mounting ecological crisis.

In a symphony, all parts and instruments must blend together harmoniously. With deep love and roots in Africa, the author skillfully weaves together into a comprehensive whole the ecological crisis with the plight of the poor. A wonderful example of how the West can learn from African religious traditions and experiences.
Prof. Norman Farameli, Boston University, MA, USA

Forward-looking and much-needed, this important book addresses the ecological crisis drawing resources from African traditional religions and Christianity. It broadens our horizons by bringing a unique perspective to discussion on ecology and theology. I highly recommend it.
Prof Kwok Pui-lan, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA, USA

This book invites us to re-evaluate our values, theology and spirituality. A must-read to all African Christians and our international development partners working to safeguard the integrity of Creation.
Rt Rev. William Mchombo, Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Zambia

Dr Kaypa J Kaoma is visiting researcher at Boston University, Adjunct Professor at Episcopal Divinity School, Senior Researcher at Political Research Associates and Rector at Christ Church in the United States.

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